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When things go wrong in the kitchen i.e. someone burns the toast there may be domestic hard words. Adultery could lead to abuse or even violence. However when the wrong doers are MPs, elected by us to represent our interests, the consequences may be considerably more serious. Taking this to a National or International level leads to sanctions, rebellion or even wars.

Now May has resigned should we proceed with Operation Comeuppance?

If someone plans a bank robbery and fails should they be free from prosecution?

Should those responsible in the Home Office, police and Children’s Services in Rotherham be immune form prosecution for sanctioning the mass rape of little girls now they have moved on to other jobs? The damage and misery they caused is still there. We would say NO.

We need to hold these high profile wrong doers to account.


To avoid it happening again

To publically denounce this person and remove them from any further position of power/influence.

Bring them to justice where a court can investigate their misdemeanour and impose fines or even a custodial sentence in an extreme case.

In the past there have been public clamour for revenge resulting in stocks or lynch mobs. Today we must use the law. The law in this case is Malfeasance.

Operation Comeuppance is not affiliated to any political party. It is a completely citizen based organisation. It’s function is to get Politicians and bureaucrats guilty of lying and perverting their authority to degrade our democratic ethic into court to account for their misdeeds.  It is of interest to Remainers and Leavers alike who cherish our democratic heritage and abhor duplicity and cheating in public life.

Operation Comeuppance is to raise funds by crowdfunding to prosecute those who have abused Official Authority by Malfeasance. Malfeasance is a very serious crime that carries up to life imprisonment.

We are being run by thoroughly dishonest, deceitful and duplicitous politicians. They think they can ignore the historic laws of the UK established over hundreds of years. We are hoping that if enough people feel angry enough to crowd fund this operation we can bring the culprits to account in court.

Are you angry with the duplicity of May, the deceit of our Deep State and Remainer MPs? Frustrated that you feel helpless to do anything about it? Well now you can. . .

First will be Theresa May & Oliver Robbins then the BBC administration and The Electoral Commission. May and her acolytes are stitching up the people of the UK. Brexit is leaving the EU with no strings attached. May’s Kit Kat Chequers is a device to leave the EU but will keep us a permanent vassal possession of the EU.

If May is no longer PM should this prosecution continue? If someone tries to rob a bank and fails they are still criminally liable. May’s delaying of Brexit has cost the country £billions. 3 years extra fees to EU, 3 years extra VAT to EU 3 years loss of fish, HS2, 3 years extra costs on UK commerce and Industry complying with EU Regulations. The list goes on and on.

Charity status applied for but a 12 week waiting list. Probably go for Association not for profit instead.

Brief on Operation Comeuppance

Please forward this website to all your family, friends, members and contacts.

There is only one Deal that will achieve Brexit. That is No Deal. Any other Deal will come with strings attached to allow the EU to maintain some residual control over aspects of the UK

No problem continuing negotiations post Brexit but they can then take place in London and we set the agenda May’s Chequers KitKat Agreement is essentially a complete surrender to the EU.






We believe that Theresa May and Oliver Robbins (a lifelong Marxist conspired with parallel Brexit negotiations behind the back of the official UK negotiating team without team leader Davis Davis’s knowledge.

Davis is on Facebook saying that he was continually undermined by Downing Street.

They agreed with the EU what they called a Kit Kat Brexit. This was May’s Chequers Agreement. The UK will not be in the EU but the EU will have absolute permanent political control over the UK. It is a surrender document where the UK will submit to all EU law, EU regulations and unlimited migration from the EU with no input into making those laws. But because it will involve UK leaving the EU May considers that it satisfies the spirit of the Referendum. However as EU law will still take precedence over all UK law it is, in practice, the exact opposite of the Brexit that the citizens voted for.

We believe that is a Prima Facie case of Malfeasance. It is a crime of abuse of Official Authority considered so serious that it carries the penalty of life imprisonment.

We will be crowdfunding to take out a Private Prosecution on May and Robbins.

I have spoken with a criminal barrister who has assured me this is perfectly feasible.

However he thinks the Establishment will try its damnedest to block it by the CPS trying to take it over or getting a Common Purpose judge to throw it out. The Main Stream Media and TV will also make strenuous efforts to neutralise it. However if sufficient crowdfunding can be reached it is worth a shot.

Donated monies will not be used for salaries and pensions of those running Operation Comeuppance.

The potential for crowdfunding looks very promising. 17.4 million voted for Brexit. If they all donate £1 each that would give a pretty good fighting fund. That is very unlikely so we would ask you to make a donation of £5. If you are very frustrated then £5+++ or monthly. Thank you.

If only partial success is achieved then the publicity and exposure of duplicity would be well worth it

Any funding left over could be used to repeat the exercise on such as the head of BBC for the continuous breach of their Royal Charter and such as John Bercow, The Electoral Commission.

Please forward this website to all your family, friends, members and contacts.


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